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Perry Pools in Westminster, MA has been in business for 10 years with over 30 years experience.  


Locally owned by Craig Perry, Perry Pools provides you with the expertise and know how to ensure you have a trouble free swim season. Specializing in Inground pools, Perry Pools offers quality workmanship to create your outdoor oasis.




"Perry Pools has been servicing our pool since 1998.  Craig always has it open on time and water clear as if it came in a bottle.  Her or someone on his team is always ready to solve any roblems in a time sensitive manner..from cloudy water to a ripped liner.  I highly recommend his service and construction."  -Bill Cocci, Sterling, MA

"Love my new Pool Cover! Thanks for all the help Craig Perry gave me with my pool this summer.  If anyone in the area needs any pool service done Perry Pool Services is the way to go!"  -Nick Batten, Templeton, MA

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